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In this video, Jeff from The Style OG gives his pick of the 10 best shaving creams for men. Contact Cremo Shaving Cream Art Of Shaving Bevel Shave Cream Billy Jealousy Hydroplane Neutrogena Sensitive Skin KIehl’s Close Shaver Gillette Pure Jack Black Beard Lube Harry’s Nivea Men Sensitive Some of these links are affiliate links by which The Style OG You can receive a small commission when you make a purchase at no additional cost to you. Thanks for your help!

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10 Best Men's Shaving Creams
10 Best Men's Shaving Creams

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10 Best Men's Shaving Creams.

so jack fashion male grooming lifestyle.

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32 thoughts on “10 Best Men's Shaving Creams | Cover the most complete so jack fashion male grooming lifestyle documents

  1. dissy says:

    apparently the neutrogenia sensitive skin shave cream has been discontinued for some reason. Interestingly I found a pack of 3 on amazon selling for $90.

  2. ola phillips says:

    Are there any cream that works good for shaving without any use of razor blades- meaning rubbing it on your head and rinse the hair off to maintain the baldness. I’m trying to stop using any kind of razor or clippers altogether but maintain my baldness since I have to shave every two days.

  3. TREKOPOLIS says:

    Made the mistake to try a new razor brand called Defender. If anyone sees this don't bother! It's the poorest quality razor I've ever used so I went back to Gillette and after the first swipe I was in love again. I won't use anything else in a razor. Shave cream yes, I like to experiment. But razors, nobody can compete with Gillette when it comes to disposable blades. I use Harrys shave cream at the moment, but would like to try some of these. Thanks for the video!

  4. Brent Gist says:

    Great video! I just shaved my beard off, can I use the rest of my Scotch & Porter beard oil as a pre shave oil?

  5. SeacoastView says:

    My first issue with Harry's is…. a well DESIGNED product doesn't justify overcharging for an average (AT BEST) product. Almost $8 (AT WALMART) for the Shave Cream with Eucalyptus is a complete scam. Secondly, adding Eucalyptus to hand lotion doesn't magically turn it into "Shave Cream" (i'm guessing the name Shave Glue was already taken). If you think this is too harsh, then you either haven't used the product or you work for Harry's. There is no 'glide' factor with the cream and not even a hint of lather (which lubricates the razor and makes the blades glide over your face more easily). i will credit Harry's Shave Cream for making me much more appreciative for my orange capped sensitive skin Schick Edge gel. Buh-bye Harry's… forever.

  6. Alvvay s says:

    It’d be nice if you actually SAID which brands you’re affiliated with instead of just mentioning you work with SOME of the brands. Kinda Important to know considering you’re taking money from em. SMH all these “men’s health” channels are unbelievably money hungry

    Also dummy, not legal to not disclose if you’re sponsored by a product you advertise. You can’t just say “some” from a long list and think it’s good to go.

  7. Shaquille Wright says:

    I started using Harry's shave cream and post shave for my blad head and so far I like it. Thanks for the other recommendations stay up.

  8. Nathan says:

    'someone who has to shave on almost a daily basis'
    Doesn't everyone have to shave on a daily basis? Except if you're going for a stubble or beard or smtn of course

  9. William Howard says:

    A surprisingly good option is aveeno body wash. It's good for sensative skin and lathers very well. Great video!!

  10. Stylish Over Sixty says:

    Appreciate the video's subject matter I'm a old school wet shaving guy I enjoy it because it gives me that "me time" while I prepare the pre/post shave preparation I find I can relax decompress and gather my thoughts while I shave I of course use shaving soap as opposed to gels and aerosol spray shave cream so tell me do you shave with double edge safety razor or the multi blade type thanks for sharing the video

  11. b H says:

    I think all of those shaving creams you mentioned are all trumped by “Taylor of old bond street” shave creams!! Super easy to lather and best after shave face feel. Now you need to learn to use a straight razor which gives you WAY less shave irritation! But the only one in ur list id use is the art of shaving. That sandalwood is on point!

  12. j smith says:

    This was good information. I know alot of guys who has damaged skin because of what they uses for shaving or not having the right products for the skin as well as care products. Good products. Thanks for sharing. All men even younger men need to jump on this!!! Good job bro❤

  13. c bagsby says:

    Jeff! you were on the money with this. MAN ,MAN I use that Creamo and my bald head feels smooth as a baby bottom. Thanks brother. Salute

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