I really love these storybook sets and I’m really glad this one is no different.

This might have my favourite centrepiece of all these books. I really love the design! It has lots of places to sit the microdolls (thanks to those new fire pieces that have two studs on each side). It is a really good representation of the cave from the film too. Then on one side you have 1×1 transparent blue bricks representing the memories is fine, but I really like the simple design of the canoe on the other. Sure the canoe canonically doesn’t go there, but kids can take it off and sit it back there when the book is closed. The printed half of the book has a small section of the enchanted forest with the wind spirit, Gale and a Rock Giant and a small section of the rocky beach. Both are mostly well designed, but it’s unfortunate that you can’t sit someone on the rock and close the book. Plus the lavender should’ve been used instead of magenta for the forest’s ground. The other side of these books is as usual bare with just a bridge and two pieces of ice.

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The Nokk looks beautiful. It received a new mould to get its signature long waterfall mane and tail! The rock giant is also perfectly designed! Gale is okay and would’ve been improved by having either the leaves or carrot stalk be magenta. I think the cylinder being done in transparent (which is an existing colour) would’ve also vastly improved her. Olaf is unchanged but still looks great. Honestly the micro dolls are the worst part of this set. Elsa’s dresses in the film didn’t go over her feet and I think it kind of ruins both figures. 😛 The hair for the white dress Elsa also feels completely off. Iduna looks perfect, but I think kids would’ve preferred her be a sticker and have Anna in her black or queen dress, Honeymaren, Ryder Yelena or Matthias instead.

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For those who care about recolours there’s a lot in this set including several pieces in the beautiful but rare transparent blue with opalescent finish.

I believe LEGO has listened to customer feedback and fixed the problem with the spine. Many young fans of the first one had a problem with the builds sticking down. I am disappointed they didn’t fix the instructions to these sets as I think they really let them down. Many have pointed out their very difficult to follow as they’re in a poster format and contain too many steps at once. The instructions don’t ruin a great set of course, but I think they might limit the appeal and prevent people who have bad building experiences get multiple of these sets. That would be such a shame as I want as many princesses to get a set in this style as possible!

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