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“ Does it seem like you ‘ve tried fair about every effect in TikTok ‘s effect list ? Try checking out other peoples ‘ TikToks to look for effects you have n’t so far seen. Scroll through the content the “ ” For You ” ” page, or tap the “ ” discover ” ” tab key to search for a drug user, hashtag, or keyword. When you find a video that uses an effect you like, tap the name of the impression, and then tap the camera picture to use it. Another way to find newfangled effects is to record your video in another app, such as Snapchat, and then upload it to TikTok. Snapchat is a great option because of its creative Lenses that can morph your font, change your voice, or make it look like you ‘re somewhere else. Open Snapchat on your call or tablet—it ‘ll mechanically open to the television camera blind if you ‘re already signed in—otherwise, you can sign in or create a fresh account now. then, tap the smiley font at the bottom-right corner of the screen to open the Lens carousel. Scroll through the Lenses at the bottom to see what ‘s available, and tap a Lens to check it out. You can besides tap “ ” explore ” ” at the bottom-right corner to check out even more singular Lenses created by other Snapchat users. When you find a Lens you like, tap and hold the capture clitoris to record a video recording up to 60-seconds long. Tap “ ” save ” ” on the preview to save the television to your call or pill. If it ‘s your first prison term downloading in Snapchat, you may be asked to give the app license to access your files first. once the video recording is saved, open TikTok and tap the plus to create a fresh video. Tap “ ” upload ” ”, select the video recording you made in Snapchat, and then tap “ ” future. ” ” You trim, snip, rotate, total stickers, function textbook, and even add a TikTok filter to create something that in truth stands out. When your TikTok is complete, tap the arrow, enter a description, and then tap “ ” post ” ” to share it.

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