2011 science fiction carry through film directed by Roel Reiné
Death Race 2 is a 2010 american english skill fabrication action movie directed by Roel Reiné, written by Tony Giglio and Paul W. S. Anderson. It is the moment installment in the Death Race film series. The film serves as a prequel to Death Race ( 2008 ), is followed by a sequel Death Race 3: Inferno ( 2013 ) and was released directly to video on 27 December 2010. The film explores the origins of the first “ Frankenstein “ car driver, Carl “ Luke ” Lucas ( Luke Goss ). Alongside Goss, the film besides stars Fred Koehler, Tanit Phoenix, Robin Shou, Lauren Cohan, Danny Trejo, Ving Rhames and Sean Bean as the villain. The film received a generally negative critical reaction .

plot [edit ]

Getaway driver Carl “ Luke ” Lucas is arrested after a looting for his crime foreman Markus Kane goes wrong. As his accomplices are robbing the depository financial institution, two officers casually enter the build. Luke tells them to abort, but they refuse ; Luke intervenes, but it results in the death of one of the three accomplices. Luke shoots and kills one of the officers and dumps off his accomplices in order to fulfill Markus ‘s wishes. In doing so, Luke is finally captured by the patrol following a high-speed pursuit and sentenced to prison. Six months late, Luke is transferred to Terminal Island.

Terminal Island is a individual prison under the see of the Weyland Corporation, which hosts the Death Match, a televised pay-per-view competition where two dangerous convicts are chosen and then forced to fight to the death or submission. The prisoners are given access to weapons or defense items to use during the fight by stepping on a check plate in the arena. Luke meets the men who finally become his pit crew in the Death raceway : Lists, who annoys him by over-analyzing everything, Goldberg, and Rocco. The server of the Death Match is September Jones, a former Miss Universe who lost her crown due to allegations of having a sexual kinship with all of its judges. She now works for Weyland Corp to create profit from the pay-per-view subscribers of the Death Match. Luke is approached in the showers by September, who proposes that he fights. When he refuses, she makes sexual advances towards him, which he pretends to go for ahead refusing. In retaliation, September chooses Lists to fight in a Death match with the convict Big Bill. Luke confronts her while Lists is running for his life during the consequence, pleading to let him fight in place of Lists. She refuses and he jumps over a barbed fence to fight for Lists. He is joined by Katrina Banks, a woman convict who is serving as a closed chain girlfriend with other female convicts. She hits the convict with a round number sign made of metallic. A rioting breaks out during the battle between Luke and the convict because of racial tension, sparked because Luke is white and the other convict is black. The convicts break down the wall to get in, and some of the rapists approach and attempt to rape the female convicts. Katrina defends herself and helps the early women, who are then evacuated. When the carouse control guards intervene, Luke surrenders. Markus, worried that Luke will trade information on his crimes for immunity, discovers his localization at Terminal Island while watching the Death Match. Afterward, Luke is well-received when he sees Katrina and inquires about her wellbeing after the battle. Markus puts a amplitude of $ 1 million on Luke ‘s head and convinces some of the prisoners to kill him. meanwhile, Jones comes up with a plan to boost their profits by converting the Death Match into a “ Death Race ”, where the contestants will have to raceway over days to win each match. The person who manages to win five races will be released from prison, primitively credited as Weyland ‘s mind. Luke joins the rush, during which other prisoners try to kill him to earn Markus ‘ bounty. The female convicts are brought back to play sailing master for each racer, and Katrina is paired with Luke. During the second base race, Luke intervenes in an affray between two early racers, and saves 14K, who is a member of the Triads. As a leave, 14K claims to be indebted to Luke. Later in the same race, Luke ‘s car – which was sabotaged by one of his pit crew members – crashes after being hit with a heat seeker projectile fired by Big Bill ( who is later killed by his navigator after he incidentally killed his pit crowd ) ; Luke ‘s pit crowd arrives and tries to save him, but it is besides former and everybody is led to believe that Luke is dead. In reality, he survives with extensive scarring to his face. He joins the race as the raw quality “ Frankenstein, ” with a mask to hide his identity. As the last race begins, a Triad assassin sent by 14K raids Markus ‘s mansion and executes Markus as a favor to Luke. Lists kills Luke ‘s pit crew member Rocco who tampered with Luke ‘s car, and Luke kills September by running her over with his car, before he races with the other competitors .

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cast [edit ]

Racers [edit ]

  • Luke Goss as Carl “Luke” Lucas / “Frankenstein”. His height and weight is 6 feet 1 inch (185 cm), 182 pounds (83 kg). His car is driven by Jensen Ames (Jason Statham) in Death Race.
  • DeObia Oparei as Bill “Big Bill”, one of Carl Lucas’ and Calin’s rivals. He killed 19 fighters in the Death Match, the most of any driver. His height and weight is 6 feet 2 inches (188 cm), 250 pounds (110 kg). His truck is driven by Machine Gun Joe in Death Race.
  • Hennie Bosman as Xander Grady, one of 14K’s rivals, is the Aryan Brotherhood’s leader. He killed 11 fighters in the Death Match, third to Big Bill and 14K. His height and weight is 6 feet 4 inches (193 cm), 220 pounds (100 kg). His car is driven by Slovo Pachenko in Death Race.
  • Robin Shou as “14K”, a tenth-generation Triad member, who was sent to business school and holds a degree from MIT. He killed 14 fighters in the Death Match, second to Big Bill. His height and weight is 5 feet 11 inches (180 cm), 159 pounds (72 kg). He is the only racer other than the character of Frankenstein to appear in all three films.
  • Warrick Grier as Calin, one of Big Bill’s rivals. His car is driven by Carson in Death Race.
  • Sean Higgs as Billy “Hillbilly” Hill, His car is driven by Siad in Death Race.
  • Trayan Milenov-Troy as “Scarface”, His car is driven by Hector Grimm in Death Race.
  • Michael Solomon as “Sheik”, His car is driven by Travis Colt in Death Race.
  • Chase Armitage as “Apache”, His car is driven by Riggins in Death Race.
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early cast members [edit ]

  • Tanit Phoenix as Katrina Banks, Luke’s navigator and love interest.
  • Lauren Cohan as September Jones, Death Race’s hostess/executive producer. She is a former Miss Universe who lost her crown due to allegations of having a sexual relationship with all of its judges.
  • Fred Koehler as Lists, one of Luke’s pit crew and a compulsive data collector. His height and weight is 5 feet 9 inches (175 cm), 172 pounds (78 kg). He is the only other person to appear in all four films. He has been sentenced for murdering his mother.
  • Ving Rhames as R. H. Weyland, head of Weyland International.
  • Danny Trejo as Goldberg, a loyal member of Luke’s pit crew.
  • Sean Bean as Markus Kane, Luke’s former crime boss.
  • Patrick Lyster as Medford Parks, Terminal Island Penitentiary’s warden. He is later replaced by Claire Hennessey in Death Race.
  • Joe Vaz as Rocco, a former member of Luke’s pit crew and a mole for the bounty.
  • Wayne Harrison as Sergeant Linus Drago
  • Quentin Chong as a Triad assassin under 14K.
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Cars [edit ]

The cars in the film are real vehicles that have been heavily modified with armor plate, machine guns and defensive weapons.

sequel [edit ]

A direct-to-DVD-and-Blu-ray-sequel called Death Race 3: Inferno was released in January 2013 .

Filming [edit ]

Parts of the movie were shot in Texas in April 2010. [ citation needed ] and in Cape Town, South Aftica .

References [edit ]

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