Honeywell is a engineering company with products ranging from Wi-Fi in the sky to befoulment masks for industrial function but until recently, its indian customers have typically been businesses and institutions. With the air quality in India steadily worsening, the ship’s company is making its play into the consumer goods space here, launching its first roll of consumer air out purifiers. That ‘s all fine, but does the actual merchandise meter up to consumer needs, and is it a value for money oblation ? Honeywell provided us with a unit of its Honeywell Air Touch i8 42-watt air out purifier to try out, which we did for about a calendar month. In this time, we measured its effectiveness using the lapp third-party laser particulate counter that we used for testing all other air purifiers, and besides used it as our primary air out purifier in the bedroom to see how comfortable it felt to use. We looked at things like handiness of filters, how easy it is to replace them, and how easy it is to move the purifier around the firm so the benefits are n’t just limited to a single room. Let ‘s see how it measured up .

Honeywell Air Touch i8 design

Honeywell ‘s design looks dated and bore, and the champagne gold color choice looks fine on some smartphones, but on a device the size of an air purifier, it fair leaps out at you in a less than ideal manner. For what it ‘s worth, the purifier is available in white as well, which does look better, but placid preferably bore.

honeywell i8 white honeywell The purpose is basically a tall corner with fully-rounded sides, with intakes at the bottom and along the minute sides, while the exhaust is along the lead. On the sides, above the intakes there ‘s a small groove which can be pushed apart with a short steadiness, to remove the front cover of the purifier. This reveals the washable Honeywell pre-filter, behind which there ‘s a compound HEPA trickle that removes particulate matter, along with Honeywell ‘s Hi-Siv trickle which can remove odours and VOCs from the air out. There ‘s a childlike touch panel on the clear of the purifier and if you ‘re using it on car manner, you literally need to touch just the baron button, and that ‘s it. There ‘s a rest button next to it, which lowers winnow speed and turns the lights off, and then a winnow speed push button. The unit is best left to car, but if you want to control the performance, you can tap the button to change the accelerate. After this, there ‘s a display showing the air travel quality and other alerts. The lock, sleep mood, and filter lights all go on to let you know what the fix is, and a childlike numeric display shows you the AQI read. even simpler though, is the colored gang that surrounds this – blue is clean air, red is bad air, and then on. It ‘s easy adequate that without reading the numbers you can tell the air travel quality at a glance. The final indicators are the lock and trickle – engage prevents accidental touches from changing the settings while the trickle light is a filter transfer indicator. honeywell touch panel honeywell

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Honeywell Air Touch i8 features

apart from the filters mentioned above, the Air Touch i8 promises a CADR of 300 cubic meters per hour. The company promises that a 300 square animal foot board will be blank in 15 minutes, and that the purifier has an effective coverage of 450 square feet. otherwise, the Air Touch i8 is a very dim-witted device that actually comes down to one-touch operation. Leave it in car mood, and let it do its thing, using merely the exponent button to turn it on or off. The purifier can get fairly loud, and sleep mode does help on that presence, but if you ‘re living in a city like Delhi, you need the fan operational at full focal ratio. There ‘s a button to turn the lights off individually, but there ‘s no in-between ground – it goes from besides bright to fully dark.

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There ‘s no app, and no gimmicks – the Air Touch i8 is a concentrate and single determination device which does just one thing. The interview is how well it manages. honeywell filter ndtv honeywell

Honeywell Air Touch i8 performance

We started by testing the breeze purifier in a 10 foot X 20 foot bedroom, well within the effective range as listed by Honeywell. In this little space, even our ( relatively minor ) Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 2 is quite effective, and the Honeywell unit lived up to its claims quite effectively. For the test, we operated the air purifier after smoking in the room, and while it could n’t wholly remove the odours, it brought the breeze timbre from over 200 to under 50 in roughly 10 minutes. Taking the air purifier to a room that overlooks Bengaluru ‘s Outer Ring Road, we were able to more closely simulate the continuous contamination that is so common in north India right nowadays. once there, the purifier was dealing with a PM 2.5 count of 400 coming in from the external, making its way even into an enclosed room. In car modality, the purifier immediately revved up, in a hall that ‘s around 20 feet X 20 feet. The noise got reasonably brassy at this point, but the purifier was besides very effective at bringing the levels down quickly. The readings on our air quality admonisher showed the PM 2.5 count shed, and within two hours of use, the room ‘s air timbre was at acceptable levels, which is pretty good. We ‘ve seen exchangeable performance from more expensive purifiers, but at this price, merely the BlueAir Blue Pure 211 does better. honeywell exploded view honeywell Verdict
Overall, we are n’t fans of the design of the Honeywell Air Touch i8 ( much preferring the similarly priced BlueAir Blue Pure 211 ), but in terms of performance and ease of manipulation, we liked this purifier a lot. At the end of the day, you want a device that ‘s childlike to operate and performs effectively, and on those counts, the Honeywell Air Touch i8 does the job. It ‘s independent rival is the BlueAir Blue Pure 211, as they ‘re priced similarly, but the Honeywell is slenderly cheaper, and its filters are easily available on-line, which is a big asset in our book. Price : Rs. 22,900 ( MRP ), available at Rs. 19,130. New filters will need to be bought anywhere between once a year and once in three-four months depending on manoeuver conditions, and are available on-line for Rs. 4,290 for the colonial HEPA + HiSiv percolate, and Rs. 1,090 for the pre-filter. Pros

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  • Fast and effective
  • Easily accessible filter
  • Very easy to use


  • Really boring design
  • Top display is too bright
  • Not convenient to move around

Ratings (Out of 5) design : 3.5
performance : 4
Value for Money : 3.5
overall : 4

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