What can I say that has n’t been said ? This vastly popular, mod fagot fib romance is a fantastic ‘feel good ‘ must see. I ca n’t resist watching it every single time it comes on television. To tempt you if you have n’t seen it … it ‘s the floor of a huffy, estimable hearted hooker named Vivian Ward, who is hired for a workweek by a affluent businessman, Edward Lewis, to serve as his see at a count of occupation related sociable functions. needle to say, the relationship does n’t stay ‘just commercial enterprise ‘ for long.

Rather than the plot itself, the beautiful Julia Roberts makes this movie … and not simply because of her 88 inches of stage ! Always endearing in her roles, she is at her absolute MOST endearing portraying Vivian in this video. She brings a very vulnerability to the character, showing us that just like everyone else, prostitutes do indeed floss their teeth ! Richard Gere pulls off quite convincingly the function of Edward, the pitiless, calculating millionaire businessman, who takes over companies only to sell them off firearm by objet d’art, quite oblivious of the interests of any people involved. To give Gere credit, I was quite impress that he actually plays the piano in one of the movie ‘s scenes.

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Naturally, given Vivian ‘s membership in the ‘oldest profession ‘, there is sex early on … though I, old fashioned and stern as I am, would n’t hesitate to let my unseasoned adolescent see this movie. ( There ‘s worse in television receiver commercials today ! ) queerly, the most sincerely intimate moment in this movie is not during the more explicit sexual activity but preferably, plainly a kiss.

Ohhhh, lots of amatory scenes, from a picnic in the park to jetting off in a private airplane for a Big Night on the Town. And etiquette lessons … Vivian displays charming, amusing, curious purity when she experiences with Edward her first opera ( all the while looking knock out gorgeous in a arresting red gown ), her first base polo pit, and her introduction to escargots. As the movie progresses, she is transform Pygmalion style, from the street fresh hooker provocatively dressed in tall black boots and miniskirt skirt, to a sophisticated looking, elegantly gowned and coiffed young lady. But it ‘s merely appearance … Vivian ‘s heart of gold and her vulnerability both remain unaltered.

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The condition conscious snobbery of Beverly Hills dress shops and ritzy hotels, judging people by wealth and class, is well depicted here. When Vivian goes shopping for a ‘more appropriate ‘ wardrobe at some exclusive Rodeo Drive boutiques, she is not ‘well received ‘ by the sales ladies, who like all excessively many of us, are excessively inclined to judge by appearance. You ‘ll want these snobs to get their deserts. actually, possibly the most touch relationship in this integral film is the matchless between Vivian and Barney, the quite proper but kind desk coach at the high class hotel ( where she is sharing a penthouse suite with Edward ), who is able to see beyond appearance. He develops a genuine affection and even more importantly, respect for her.

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early characters of interest … Kit is Vivian ‘s invoke and sympathetic room-mate, besides a hooker ( Vivian ‘s a loyal acquaintance ), and Stuckey is Edward ‘s seamy and despicable commercial enterprise colleague, portrayed by Seinfeld ‘s Jason Alexander, a television show which I must confess is not my front-runner.

As events unfold during the film, it becomes absolved that, while Edward might not understand besides intelligibly the mean of ‘prostitution ‘, Vivian intelligibly does. And, it ‘s another fall film illustration of that drop of wisdom from Eliza Doolittle ( of My Fair Lady ) who enlightened us, ‘The difference between a flower girl and a dame is not how she behaves, but how she is treated. ‘ Or, in Vivian ‘s own words, ‘People put you down adequate, you start to believe it ‘.

Great Cinderella movie … do n’t miss it.

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