Vivo APEX 2019 will be like a drop of metal

The atmosphere around the latest Vivo smartphone is starting to thicken – the APEX 2019 will have a revolutionist look and a streamlined design with no buttons. We know what its screen can look like .
Vivo APEX 2 will be like a drop of metal
chinese smartphone manufacturer Vivo is not afraid to innovate to take mobile diligence to the following level – this was the case with the rotatory Vivo NEX, which got rid of the self webcam from the lead edge of the riddle and placed it in a neat, extendible mechanism .
The estimate didn ’ t in full “ grasp ” the estimate, but its popularity doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate inevitably have to go hand in hand with functionality – this kind of television camera can be a great solution for people who normally rarely take pictures with the front television camera. For those who are not afraid of similar innovations, Vivo has prepared something particular .
We heard about the new smartphone manufacturer merely a few days ago, when it appeared in the data provided by the long-familiar leakster OnLeaks. The creators do not want to wait, so they quickly revealed the demand date of its presentation. It will take station on January 24th and it promises to be something we haven ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate seen so far.

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It ’ mho all about the determine of the case, which is to be barren of buttons and connectors – it ’ s an strange decision, but more and more rumours seem to confirm it. The display of the smartphone will be rounded on all sides and together with the thin frames on the sides will create a undifferentiated shape .
Initiates compare it to a flatten of liquid metallic, which indicates that it is streamlined and has a kind of noble craft. Will it turn out to be equally interesting in rehearse ? I am convinced of that, but once again Vivo puts a big bet on the scales.

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A smartphone can alone become an incomprehensible invention at a time when minimalist slots and typical telephone designs principle. however, Vivo plans to create a conceptual device that will stand out and, possibly, acquire considerable potential in the future .
The next, revealed graphics depicts the sieve of a smartphone, a orthogonal touch screen matrix with very dilute frames on each side ( besides at the bottom ) and without any indentation in any human body.

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The manufacturer will equip the display with a fingerprint scanner, but we should not be peculiarly surprise – this technology has been used by Vivo for many months, by the direction it was introduced to the market as one of the first companies .
We don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate yet know the claim specifications of the models, the cameras used and the destiny of the front lens, so it ’ mho difficult to determine its attraction, but it ’ s already easily to deduce that a smartphone won ’ t necessarily appeal to everyone .
Recalling for the moment time the unblock date, it will take locate on 24 January, and the handiness of Vivo APEX 2019 or APEX 2 will be badly limited in Poland .

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