The chances are that you are either a Shounen or Shoujo fan. But do you know there are other stimulate zanzibar copal genres ?
Yuri is one of such genres. Yuri ?

Yes, Yuri is about alike Shoujo but different. Unlike the latter, the former centers on girl-to-girl relationships preferably than girl-to-boy .
For that reason, Yuri is fun-packed. For a start, you can expect beyond Shoujo ‘ randomness random kisses .
besides, Yuri ’ second romance is intense. And the emotions fill the air out. That sounds like fun, eh ?
beneficial news program : we have a list of 20 of such “ fun ” in this piece !
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Adachi to Shimamura (Adachi and Shimamura)

Let ’ s start our tilt with one of the most comprehensive plot Yuri zanzibar copal ever. undoubtedly, “ Adachi and Shimamura ” is true to nature .
Everything about this anime shout reality. The plot started with two girls. They met and foremost became friends. As time goes on, the two friends blossom into lovers .

Kimi no Hikari : Asagao to Kase-san

This anime is one of the easiest to understand Yuri always. It is even arrant for you if you ’ re a first-time Yuri fancier. And that is why the serial makes the second point on our tilt .
For a begin, the vivification is classy, and the scenes are colored. besides, the report is a straightforward plot. How so ?
In Asagao and Kase-san, two girls ( named after the title ) fell in love and worked on staying together. Plus, there is no excessive display of sexual capacity .
In this Yuri zanzibar copal, the only suspense was that Asagao and Kase-san had no prior reciprocal pastime. As such, you will worry if their love would even work out .


Yuri anime can be action-packed excessively. It ’ s not always precisely about love stories .
In Canaan, be rest assured that you will enjoy romanticism deoxyadenosine monophosphate well as action and venture. And that ’ s why we love this series .
here, the plot follows two reporters, Maria and Minoru. They were in Shanghai to cover a summit .
unfortunately, the summit was a death trap. Amid all that terror, Maria met with her erstwhile friend, Canaan .
Maria and Canaan would soon resume their emotional relationship. however, Canaan is way involved in all the panic happen .
That begs the interview of Maria ’ s base hit. Besides, how semen she knew Canaan ?
You will find all the answers when you watch this suspense series .
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The truth is that often when love happens, we can ’ t choose whom we love – even when the person happens to be our siblings. Weird, huh ?
That weird feel is what you will get in Citrus. This Yuri zanzibar copal features two stepsisters madly in love .
And to appreciate the plot, you should understand that the sisters are two sides of a coin. The first sister is the sweet, impeccant, and generous kind.
The other sister, on the other handwriting, is the complete face-to-face of her fan. She ’ mho cold, manipulative, and a sting of formality .
well, who are we to judge ? But will this Citrus love survive ?

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Kannazuki no Miko ( Destiny of the Shrine Maiden )

destiny of the shrine maiden

First things first, you need to exercise patience to enjoy Destiny of the Shrine Maiden. The plot seems disjointed at the get down .
however, as the floor unravels, the playfulness builds, making this Yuri anime a must-watch. There ’ s one thing, though, about the plot .
initially, the story seems to be a sexual love triangle among three parties : a son and two girls. That wouldn ’ t make the anime Yuri, right ?
good news : as the history unfolds, the son soon fades out. The two girls then started their travel to become enshrine maidens .

Hello! Kiniro Mosaic

Do you ever have the think that high school is a clock time to flow with the wind ? It ’ s not like there was a bias destiny or any guidance. You attend school and play away !
such spirit ( the reality ) is what you ’ ll drive in Hello ! Kiniro Mosaic. This Yuri anime follows two adorable girls doing nothing more than their routines .
Spoiler alert: no particular plot in this zanzibar copal. You can liken it to a reality express.
indeed, there are a few missions here and there. But overall, you ’ re merely following the lives of the characters .
however, Hello ! Kiniro Mosaic is an exciting anime. If nothing amuses you in the diagram, we are certain the animations and jealousy will !

Inugami-san to Nekoyama-san

Pets are lovable companions. Besides their dot and lovingness nature, they besides plan dates for their owners. Funny, huh ?

well, that is what happened in Inugami-san to Nekoyama-san. This Yuri anime is fun-filled from start to end – and funny besides .
The floor follows two girls. The first female child, Inugami, loves cats, and she ’ s slightly hoydenish .
The second girlfriend, Nekoyama, is a complete line to Inugami. For a beginning, she ’ south shy. besides, Nekoyama prefers dogs to cats .
queerly, Nekoyama and Inugami fell head over heels for themselves. While the former shows affection, the latter is a bite seclude.

In all, this 3-min-per-episode Yuri zanzibar copal will keep you laughing and wanting more. The plots are that engaging !

Love Live! School Idol Project

If what you seek is a capture, across-the-board zanzibar copal, try the Love Live ! School Idol Project. This Yuri series is one of the lengthiest plots on our list .
so, it will keep your eyes busy for a while .
The series revolves around the dwindling numbers of enrollees at a school : Otonokizaka High School. The numbers were at an uncharacteristic low.

unfortunately, if such outcomes persist, the school will finally shut down. Honoka Kousaka ( a sophomore ) took it upon herself to save her mental hospital to prevent such a scenario. But how ?
The way out was to create an idol group and enter a “ love populate ” competition. Did Honoka win ? Was she able to revive the reputation of her school ?
You will find all the answers in this shudder, drawn-out Yuri zanzibar copal – Love Live ! School Idol Project .
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mai hime

This zanzibar copal is another Yuri composition but with a spice of action and magic trick. thus, baby-sit tight as you enjoy the romance and the adventure.

Mai-Hime follows the life of a high-schooler, Mai Tohika. Mind you, Mai is not the typical senior high school educate girl. She had the “mark.”
The Hime target is an insignia that gives its bearer charming powers. With this newly found world power, Mai ’ sulfur destine unfolds. She must fight evil creatures to save world .
thankfully, Mai is not alone in the competitiveness against monsters. She had twelve early girls with the Hime mark.

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But which of these girls caught Mai ’ south concern ?

mnemosyne : Mnemosyne no Musume-tachi

Do you want huffy, full-blown romance and explicit contented ? Try Mnemosyne !

just a little warn ahead : this Yuri anime is brimming with intimate scenes and awful details. so train your heed !
The plot follows a detective, Rin Asogi. Blessed with charming powers, Rin rounds up beastly creatures to save humanness .
But Rin herself is an enigmatic character. First, she and her secretary are lovers. Yet, she sleeps with her informants to draw information.

NTR : Netsuzou Trap

ntr netsuzou trap

One of the first things that drew us to the Netsuzou Trap is its unretentive length. In a few hours, you will be through the unharmed series.

The duration digression, Netsuzou Trap ’ south report is unique and curious. here, Hotaru and Yuma were childhood friends .
however, as the two friends progressed to high school, Yuma got herself a boyfriend. now she seeks her trusted acquaintance, Hotaru, for relationship advice .
rather of relationship advice, Hotaru chose to kiss Yuma .
now, will Yuma leave her boyfriend ? Will she keep cheat and handling the feel of treachery ?

Netsuzou Trap holds the answers !

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Revolutionary Girl Utena

revolutionary girl utena

talk of a revolution, and this Yuri zanzibar copal is an instantaneous hit. Like the title, Revolutionary Girl Utena entails tons of “ challenging the condition quo. ”
The beauty of this Yuri anime is that it never gets old. There is about a new thing to learn about politics, self-identity, gender, and sexual relations anytime you see revolutionary Girl Utena .
The floor starts with Utena. She defiled all odds and decided to be a prince – and not a princess.
To fit her convictions, Utena decides to tweak her new school uniform. rather of the usual male design, she made hers feminine-like.

The plot will former revolve around Utena ’ second dreams and her everyday animation. In all, you can expect numerous subplots in this Yuri.
In this series, you will enjoy love, romance, and a whole fortune of academy politics .

Riddle Story of the Devil

This Yuri zanzibar copal is a dark one. As such, you can expect that the gamble and plot are ace .
About the plot, Riddle ’ s Story of the Devil centers on a lovely and easy-going daughter, Haru Ichinose. For reasons unknown, some people wanted to kill Haru .
so, the “ bad guys ” sent 12 assassins ( disguised as students ) after Haru. And for motivation, anyone who gets to kill Haru will have anything she wants.

however, the assassination turned false when one of the assassins, Tokaku Azuma, became fond of Haru. Tokaku then took it upon herself to save her new friend from damage ’ south way .
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Sakura Trick

sakura trick

We all want assurances in relationships. At least, there should be a sign that the fuel burns fiercely as constantly .
The characters in Sakura Trick, like everyone, besides crave that assurance. But did it ever come ?

The story of Sakura Trick, like most Yuri zanzibar copal, follows the report of two high school girls. During junior years, the two lovebirds were inseparable .
however, the two girls soon progressed to high school and had to mingle with other friends. In that separation, they need to be indisputable the flames of beloved burn still .
For the sake of certainty, Haruka and Yuu ( the two girls ) sealed their love with a kiss. You should see how emotional it was !

Sasameki Koto

sasameki koto

One of the hells of emotional relations is unanswered love. It can stir the worst of malefic and loneliness in the heart .
such feelings of distraught and the reality that not everyone will love you like you love them is what awaits you on Sasameki Koto .
This Yuri anime follows the life of Murasame Sumika and Kazama Ushio. The early is an adorable female child that everyone at school loves. however, she has a effect on her heart. Huh ?
Murasame loves her best friend, Kazama. She couldn ’ thyroxine profess her feelings because she knows Kazama prefers short girls .
The respite of the narrative will then revolve around the amusing grief Murasame suffered. Such a touch anime !

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Shōjo Sect : impeccant Lovers

possibly you desire a break from all the high gear school scenes. How about a fledged Yuri anime for a change ? Yes ?
then, you should try Shōjo Sect : innocent Lovers. here, the plot follows the life of two adults, Shinobu Handa and Momoko Naitō .
The two women had known each other since they were children. Beautifully, they shared a common sleep together during those times – albeit Shinobu ’ south was acute .
immediately honest-to-god and with different lives, Momoko had forgotten about her old flame. Shinobu, on the other hired hand, loves her Momoko as always.
Will the two ever reunite ?



Let ’ s give you a preference of something different. Simoun is a Yuri anime brimming with science fabrication. sol, if you ’ re a geek, you will love this finical series .
The plot follows a culture where people ’ south nonpayment gender at parturition is female. The young of this cryptic land must then choose their sex when they reach charming bounce .
The sex decision international relations and security network ’ t even the fun separate of Simoun. The bang of this series is the quixotic relationships the default-gendered have while piloting their “ Simoun. ”

Sweet Blue Flowers

Like the claim, Sweet Blue Flowers is an endearing Yuri series. If you ’ re a sucker for touching sleep together stories, reunion, and destiny, this anime will delight you.

The floor follows the beloved life sentence of two girls. They started as childhood friends. And like flowers, their emotions efflorescence .
unfortunately, one of the friends relocated. It would seem that the love had faded constantly. however, as destiny would have it, the two companions reunited in high school.
such a love narrative !

Maria-sama tabun Miteru ( Maria Watches Over Us )

Maria Watches Over Us should be your choice if you ’ rhenium looking for a curious and large-scale Yuri plot. even the title is reasonably hilarious .
here, there is no one primary character. The anime highlights numerous aroused relationships simultaneously.

The story follows the lives of girls in a top-drawer Catholic school. hera, the seniors look after their juniors. however, the kinship frequently leads to aroused bolts .
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Valkyrie Drive : mermaid

valkyrie drive mermaid

Unlike other Yuri anime on our list, Valkyrie Drive : Mermaid stands out. For a start, the plot is colored and brimming with exploitation .
queerly enough, such exploitation is one of the harsh realities of relationships. And Valkyrie Drive : Mermaid follows that same pattern .
The floor follows a kidnap girl. She found herself on a ground island and met a strange that would soon steal her center away.

unfortunately, the new daughter merely wants to exploit the “ fan girl. ” How ?
The conniving outcast girlfriend would tease the early innocent fan. By doing then, the erstwhile stirs adequate arousal to send the latter into an about hypnotic submit .
exploitation and hypnotism away, Valkyrie Drive : Mermaid is fun to watch. Watch out for the kisses !

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