1. 1 Start with damp, towel-dried hair. The slicked-back look stays in space bettor when you start with damp hair’s-breadth. The hair will finish dry in a slick situation, helping it stay in place all sidereal day long. Shampoo your haircloth and towel it dry to begin.

  2. 2Coat your hair with pomade. Use your fingers to apply a liberal amount of strong-hold pomade to your hair, focusing on the top and sides. Pomade is the classic product used to create this look. A strong-hold pomade is essential to keep your hair slicked back until you wash it out.

    • Pomade was classically oil-based. Oil-based pomade creates the classic sheen and hold that made the slicked look popular. However, oil is difficult to wash out, so you may want to look for a strong-hold pomade that does not list oil as a main ingredient.
    • Gel is a good alternative if your hair isn’t too thick. Gel typically results in a dryer hold and may take on a slightly crunchy texture. This works best with finer, lighter hair types, since it may not be strong enough to hold heavier hair in place.

    Use your fingers to apply a liberal sum of strong-hold pomade to your hair, focusing on the top and sides. Pomade is the authoritative merchandise used to create this expect. A strong-hold pomade is substantive to keep your hair slicked back until you wash it out .

  3. 3 Run a comb from your forehead to your crown. Use a fine-toothed barber comb and slick your hair straight back from your brow to the crown of your head. The classical glib does not include a part, so fair run the comb straight back. Do this several times so that the top or your haircloth lies flat in straight pattern from front to back.

  4. 4 Slick back the sides. Place the comb at your right temple and run it to the back of your principal. immediately do the same on the leave english. The hair on the sides of your promontory should flow in a slick pattern from front to back .

  5. 5 Continue to comb your hair back to create the shape you want. In most cases, six or seven comb-throughs, or “ slicks, ” should be enough to create this flying vogue. You want to style your hair in as few slicks as potential to keep the pomade evenly distributed in your haircloth. If you handle it besides a lot, it may begin to look messy .

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