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My stumble was from Jakarta ( Pulogebang end ) to Bali by bus ( Mengwi bus terminal, Denpasar ). The early terminal is quite large and well organised, in contrast to some I have experienced in other SE asian countries, which look like “ bomb sites ” ! My ticket said 11:30 am but the bus position said that the busbar was at 2:00 prime minister. Whether they cancelled the 11:30 bus I do not know. This is a 24 hour trip and the busbar did arrive on meter. This is to be commended as the traffic congestion can be high in places. however, this is a regular route and I guess usual delays are built in. There were regular stops and two meals were provided within the slate. These were reasonably basic local indonesian food menu, but palatable. All the passengers were credibly indonesian. I was the entirely White man ! I guess this is not a prefer tourist road. Most, except a few, fly for convenience, but I wanted to see a bit of Java. Normally, I would quite car rental with a car or minibike but this was better than nothing. The road, towards the end of Java and approaching the ferry crossing went through the mountains and concern. godforsaken monkeys diced with death on the road ! Parts of the trip were “ safe ” motorways, but others were the common SE Asian unmarried lane in each direction, with unvoiced shoulders. Overtaking appears chilling to Westerners, e.g. overtaking on bends but the road culture is much more “ giving ” and understanding with slower speeds than in the West and the grating hard shoulders are a “ condom net. ” There were two drivers who changed regularly. Although, at times, I felt the passing was bad, they seemed competent and experienced. The bus topology looked “ modern ” on the outside, but I think that it was older than it looked ( like me ! ). The speedometer did not work, the abeyance creaked ( screaky ) and I suspect the jolt absorbers were worn. The roads were poor in places and the bus rolled and swayed from side to side. pothole shocks were very obtrusive. The steer besides appeared a moment abate with the driver pay by correcting the steering steering wheel. apart from this, the bus seemed roadworthy. My busbar did not have wifi but others in the fleet did. The seats were reasonably comfortable and went flatter than aircraft seats, making it easier to sleep. Overall, quite a good, safe travel in scene of the circumstances and the distances involved, although the staff spoke small English.

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