thankfully, I did n’t waste my money renting this movie, I watched it on cable television alternatively, where it was part of the AMC Friday night “ Frightfest ” line-up. The merely thing I seem to have wasted was my prison term and my death stay brain cell.

however, I think the cable impart err this movie for a “ horror ” film where it should have been more appropriately slotted between an vent of “ AIRPLANE II ” and “ stewardess SCHOOL ”.

My curio to see this movie spiked when I discovered that Xander from “ Buffy The Vampire Slayer ” was starring in it. The foremost chuckles came when the credits list him as a “ Producer ”, followed by the blatant rake off of the possibility credits from the movie “ THE THIRTEENTH WARRIOR ”.

But never judgment that, after you get past the hilarious presentation which shows how the evil piñata is created, the movie kicks into overdrive as we flash ahead to the present day where a group of fraternity kids are heading to an island for an underwear scavenger hunt ! I kid you not, some people actually spent a set of time and feat to think up this highly original plot.

I for one was expecting something alike to Nicholas Brendon ‘s survive beach repugnance movie, “ PSYCHO BEACH PARTY ” which turned out to be a rather amusing camp pan mini-classic. obviously, Brendon was looking to steer himself in a more “ dangerous ” commission and decided to leave the laugh racetrack behind.

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Unfortunately, the laugh lead follows him to this particular movie american samoa well, but for all the amiss reasons. All of the characters are incredibly annoying, so you ‘re good praying that this piñata thing shows up actually fast so it can start the bloodbath. And when it finally does show up, that is when the real laugh begins !

I have n’t laughed this hard since, well, “ PSYCHO BEACH PARTY ” ! The piñata looks like it was created on person ‘s family calculator, a Commodore 64 possibly. You ca n’t help but laugh when you see it ‘s eyes incandescence orange and you on the spur of the moment get to see through “ Pinata vision ” which is obviously a poor attack at copying “ PREDATOR ”, but this time, we get to see its victims as orange triangles stacked on top of each other ( LOL ).

I agree with another drug user ‘s comment here, before seeing this movie, I was picturing some sort of papier-mache domestic ass that is brought to life sentence and goes on some screen of a stamp out rampage. Watching this finical “ piñata ” running about clubbing people to death with a yard stick was excessively hilarious for words.

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There is one scene that involves a soil buggy crashing into a log and “ blowing up ”. The ‘explosion ‘ graphics look like they were spliced right out of a video game. In fact, I do n’t even think they used a “ green shield ” when filming this particular scene as it looks like they transferred a CGI “ fireball ” from the early-90 ‘s computer game “ DOOM ” directly onto the film – the graphics do n’t even match the surrounding scenery and the flames overlap the trees ! They must have had a lot of good times while filming this. I could picture the conductor shouting to the girl, “ now fly through the air out like you ‘re dodging a powerhouse ! “, the girl trying to keep a straight face while improvising at the like time.

The act is besides in a plain of its own. If you want to call what these actors are doing, “ acting ” – there is a scene where one girl is picking underwear off a lasso line and decides to skip a few for no reason. The wholly point of them being there is to COLLECT AS MANY PAIRS OF UNDERWEAR AS YOU CAN – which would credibly besides explain why one of the guys besides decides to leave respective boxers pinned to a bush. invaluable !

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The worst actor out of all of them was the one manacle to Nicholas Brendon – Jaime Presley. I had to click on her identify to see what else she had been in and was not surprised at all to see that most of it had either gone straight-to-video or was a belittled cameo in a two-bit television show on UPN.

The dialogue was absolute embarrassing. When Nicholas Brendon tries to impress Jaime Presley at the beginning of the movie by explaining the history of “ Cinco de Mayo ” after everyone else at the postpone had passed for stupidity, I merely burst out laughing. This movie was merely awed !

besides, when did they change the name of this movie to “ DEMON ISLAND ” ? Is this a amusing try at trying to rename the film to trick people into seeing it after the bad password of mouthpiece gets about ?

After watching this trash, one can lone hope that person would fill a real piñata with copies of this movie so we can all have a plump at it with a wooden bat.

My Rating – 0 out of 10

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