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Reply 1997 ( korean : 응답하라 1997 ; RR : Eungdaphara 1997 ) is a 2012 south korean television series that centers on the lives of six friends in Busan, as the timeline moves back and away between their past as 18-year-old high schoolers in 1997 and their present as 33-year-olds at their high school reunion dinner in 2012, where one match will announce that they ‘re getting marry. As the first installation of the Reply series, it besides portrays the extreme fan culture that emerged in the 1990s when first generation paragon groups such as H.O.T. and Sechs Kies took center stage and K-pop was merely beginning to blossom. [ 2 ] [ 3 ] [ 4 ] The series is one of the highest-rated korean drama in cable television history, [ 5 ] and has garnered praise from audiences and critics for being well-researched, bracing, genuine, and wax of humor and heart. [ 6 ]

summary [edit ]

place in 1997, the series follows female high school student Sung Shi-won ( Jung Eun-ji ), who idolizes boyband H.O.T and her five high school friends. As a adolescent, Shi-won was obsessed with a boy band. now 33-years-old, Shi-won and her friends are reviving their memories at their school reunion. [ 7 ]

vomit [edit ]

main [edit ]

  • Jung Eun-ji as Sung Shi-won
A devoted fangirl of boyband H.O.T., who dreams of marrying Tony. Though Shi-won is last place in her class and has her head in the clouds, she is also forthright and sassy.[8][9][10][11]
Quiet and brooding yet devoted to those close to him, Yoon-jae is Shi-won’s childhood best friend who frequently spends time at her house following the death of his parents. He is also known as one of two of the most handsome boys in the school, besides Joon-hee, and girls often fall for the both of them. He is intelligent and placed first in his class. As a teenager, Yoon-jae falls for Shi-won, and tries to keep it a secret.[13][14][15][16][17][18]
  • Hoya as Kang Joon-hee
Joon-hee is shy and sweet, and is Yoon-jae’s best friend and right-hand man. Like Yoon-jae, girls fall for him easily, and he often spends time with Shi-won. He harbors the secret that he is gay and is in love with Yoon-jae, which only Shi-won is aware of after he confides in her.[19][20][21][22][23]
  • Shin So-yul as Mo Yoo-jung
Shi-won’s best friend, despite the occasional argument following the revelation that Yoo-jung is a fan of Sechs Kies, a rival boy band. Yoo-jung is known to be very fickle when it comes to love, falling for boys – whether in real life or in the celebrity world – at the drop of a hat.[24][25]
  • Eun Ji-won as Do Hak-chan
A transfer student from Seoul. Hak-chan loves sports and has a comically large pornography collection. He is outgoing with friends yet his major weakness is his inability to interact with girls – however, he eventually falls for Yoo-jung.[26][27][28]
The mile-a-minute talker and one-man rumor mill of the group.[30][31]
  • Sung Dong-il as Sung Dong-il
    • Kang Kyun-sung as young Dong-il in 1968 (ep. 9)
Shi-won’s father and a baseball coach of the Busan Seagulls.
  • Lee Il-hwa as Lee Il-hwa
    • Park Cho-rong as young Lee Il-hwa in 1968 (ep. 9)
Shi-won’s mother and a housewife.
  • Song Jong-ho as Yoon Tae-woong
A teacher at the high school. Tae-woong turns out to be Yoon-jae’s older brother, and had previously been engaged to Shi-won’s elder sister prior to her death. However, over the course of the show, Tae-woong also falls for Shi-won.
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Supporting [edit ]

  • Noh Ji-yeon as Jang Dan-ji – Moon Hee-joon fangirl
  • Jung Kyung-mi as Kyung-mi / “Eun Dokki” (Eun Axe) – Sechs Kies fangirl, a bully at the school who believes Eun Ji-won has chosen her, and who is in love with Yoon-jae and Joon-hee, and clashes with Shi-won on the subject, while vying for both boys attention
  • Kim Sun-ah as Kim Sun-ah / “Eun Gak-ha” – Sechs Kies fangirl, the accomplice of Kyung-mi, who also is in love with Yoon-jae and Joon-hee.

particular appearances [edit ]

production [edit ]

The serial originally aired survive on cable channel tvN in 16 episodes ( fourteen 30-minute episodes aired back-to-back over a period of 7 weeks, with the last 2 episodes aired individually and lasting 1 hour each due to the sum of corporeal the staff did n’t want to edit out ). however, due to its popularity, the 15th and 16th episodes were besides aired simultaneously on Mnet, OCN, O’live, Ongamenet and OnStyle. This drama served as the acting debut of Jung Eun-ji .

soundtrack [edit ]

The ’90s-set drama did n’t have an original soundtrack of its own since a huge aspect of the show ‘s climate is set with era-specific music, one of its defining characteristics. [ 33 ] [ 34 ] [ 35 ] alternatively, star actors Jung Eun-ji and Seo In-guk recorded a 2-part mini OST entitled Love Story to thank fans and viewers of the read. [ 36 ] Seo was the foremost season winner of the music audition program Superstar K, and Eun-ji is the main singer of K-pop female child group A Pink. Their duet in Part 1 was a remake of 1990s idol group Cool ‘s “ All For You. ” [ 37 ] [ 38 ] Their couple in Part 2 is a remake of “ Just the Way We Love ”, from the soundtrack of 1999 film Love Wind Love Song. [ 39 ] The two singles topped the Gaon Single Chart and Billboard ‘s K-Pop Hot 100, and “ All For You ” became one of the best-selling singles of that year with 2,499,273 downloads. [ 40 ] [ 41 ] [ 42 ] [ 43 ] [ 44 ] [ 45 ] Jung and Seo besides gave a live performance on Mnet ‘s M! Countdown on 6 September 2012, [ 46 ] and on 19 September, the song “ All For You ” ranked first on another music program, Music Triangle. [ 47 ] due to democratic demand, CJ E & M finally released a “ Director ‘s Edition ” soundtrack that feature Jung and Seo ‘s 2 covers, arsenic well as ’90s songs played throughout the serial. It besides included a miniskirt photobook and a sub-rosa DVD. [ 48 ] Before its official secrete, the album sold out its 12,500 units via pre-order, surpassing the average soundtrack sales figure of 5,000. [ 49 ] [ 50 ]

reception and impact [edit ]

The television series largely consisted of idol singers with stint acting experience, and apart from the meta vomit of Sechs Kies member Eun Ji-won ( who previously worked with conductor Shin Won-ho and the publish staff on the assortment show 1 Night & 2 Days ), [ 51 ] [ 52 ] it premiered to little hype. [ 53 ] [ 54 ] [ 55 ] But with potent word of mouth, it soon gained recognition as a high-quality production with a distinct smell of identity, becoming a buzz-worthy “ syndrome ” indicate ( the Korean slang term for a murder display with an ardent fanbase ). [ 56 ] [ 57 ] [ 58 ] [ 59 ] [ 60 ] With Korean cable shows by and large considered successful if they hit 1 %, Reply 1997 took cable ratings by storm, [ 5 ] [ 61 ] [ 62 ] and received an huge sum of attention and critical praise. The show has been credited for its laser-sharp attention to detail, re-creating the late ’90s with an accuracy that has fans singing its praises. [ 63 ] [ 64 ] Endless popular culture references are packed into every minute of the picture, with fiddling dad culture east wind eggs hidden in scenes, callbacks to the trends of the day, and cameo that are in-joke. [ 65 ] It was besides a digital success, receiving more than a million hits after it was made available for downloading and streaming on internet and mobile web site Tving. This was attributed to the fact that Reply 1997 had aired on a cable network ( pay television channel ), such that respective viewers were unable to watch it alive. [ 66 ] With majority of Korean drama shoot in the capital Seoul, another of the indicate ‘s charms is its Busan set, which is treated in a matter-of-fact way as a venue. The realism is aided by the fact that much of the principal draw is actually from the region, who speak with authentic Gyeongsang dialect. The dialogue besides uses time-specific, location-specific slang. [ 67 ] But ’90s nostalgia and meticulous attention to detail is only part of the show ‘s appeal. [ 68 ] Fans were besides intrigued by the clues which the 2012 scenes dropped at regular intervals about who ends up together, [ 69 ] [ 70 ] adenine well as the episodes ‘ subtle twists. And its ache, witty way of addressing the growing pains of its adolescent roll makes it barely as relevant in the give as it was back in the late-’90s set of its primary diagram. Audiences have lauded the show ‘s familiarity and reality, with a seriousness that connects with people — even those outside that particular generation. Seo In-guk, Eun Ji-won, Lee Si-eon and Shin So-yul hosted the 15 September 2012 episode of cartoon comedy testify Saturday Night Live Korea, which included skits that parody scenes in their series. [ 71 ] On 20 September 2012, a special was aired on tvN ‘s enews featuring sub-rosa videos and a few bloopers from the set. [ 72 ]

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A novelization was published in January 2013. [ 73 ] Director Shin Won-ho re-edited all 16 episodes for a especial film director ‘s cut DVD, released in February 2013. It besides included 358 minutes of single behind-the-scenes footage, a blunder virginia reel, [ 74 ] a well as comment from the director and actors. [ 75 ] The display was said to have sparked the “ retro “ tendency in South Korea and the media and cultural commentators have noted an increase interest in the dad acculturation of the 1990s after the show aired. [ 76 ] [ 77 ] [ 78 ] notably, the show garnered more interest in “ first generation “ K-pop idol groups whose flower took place during the 1990s anterior to the Korean Wave, therefore not being american samoa well known to external audiences as their a lot younger counterparts. [ 79 ] not retentive after the testify concluded, Eun and H.O.T members Moon Hee-joon and Tony An joined two other members of fellow first-generation groups in filming their own assortment show Handsome Boys of the 20th Century, which Moon called the “ reality-variety prove adaptation of Reply 1997 “. [ 80 ] In 2014, the highly successful comebacks of Seo Taiji, g.o.d and Fly to the Sky further added to the retro beckon. [ 81 ] The variety show express Infinite Challenge began airing the “ Saturday, Saturday is for Singers ” ( ToToGa ) segment which specifically features artists and groups popular during the 1990s and has directly led to the reunions of first-generation groups Jinusean, S.E.S, Sechs Kies and H.O.T after over a ten of inaction or disbandment. [ 77 ] [ 82 ]

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Ratings [edit ]

In this table, the blue numbers represent the lowest ratings and the red numbers represent the highest ratings .

Ep. Original broadcast date Title Average audience share
1 July 24, 2012 Eighteen 1.20%
2 Becoming More and More Different
3 July 31, 2012 What You See Is Not Everything 1.20%
4 Fair Play
5 August 7, 2012 Life’s Counterattack 1.00%
6 Love Makes You Do Things You Didn’t Do Before
7 August 14, 2012 Future Hopes 3.25%
8 D-Day
9 August 21, 2012 The Thread of Fate 3.00%
10 The Reason Why I Like You
11 August 28, 2012 The Definition of Relationships 3.46%
12 The Meaning of a Hand
13 September 4, 2012 Next Time… No, Now 3.70%
14 The Heart Is What Makes You Love
15 September 11, 2012 While You Were Loving 4.17%
16 September 18, 2012 Why First Loves Don’t Work Out 7.55%
Average 2.83%
  • This drama airs on a cable channel/pay TV which normally has a relatively smaller audience compared to free-to-air TV/public broadcasters (KBS, SBS, MBC and EBS).

Awards and nominations [edit ]

Another series from the same writer and director, Reply 1994 was produced in 2013. Set in a college campus, it follows the pop music culture events of that year, including the emergence of germinal K-pop group Seo Taiji and Boys and the basketball fad of the earned run average. It besides starred Sung Dong-il and Lee Il-hwa, but as different characters. [ 99 ] Younger cast members Jung Eun-ji, Seo In-guk, Hoya, Lee Si-eon, Shin So-yul, Eun Ji-won, and Lee Jooyeon reprised their Reply 1997 roles in cameo appearances. [ 100 ] [ 101 ] A second by-product, Reply 1988, aired in 2015. Sung Dong-il and Lee Il-hwa again joined the cast. [ 102 ] [ 103 ]

Remake [edit ]

An american remake, Answer Me 1999 is in development at Fox, written by Amy Andelson and Emily Meyer ( Step Up 3D ), with the pilot sequence directed by Jon M. Chu. [ 104 ]

References [edit ]

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