Stunning fashion photography that captures the kernel of the moment in the way that sets it apart from others. The man behind these mesmerizing images goes by the identify of JOHN TODS or Tods, an energetic Thai photographer who ’ s worked on diverse campaigns with global brands like BOYY and top fashion magazines. How did an Udonthani native with zero background in photography become one of the state ’ s most sought photographers ? Let ’ s hear from the man himself .
Tods ’ artistic development has been a matter to behold no matter what type of plan in which he ’ randomness involved — photography, video projects or home plate interior decoration plan. We had the crisp photographer on the channel with us today to talk about all things JOHN TODS and then some .

How did the name JOHN TODS come about?

“ I was born and raised in Udonthani. During a semester break I went on a travel with some uni friends from Vientiane to Hanoi. On the way back, I got to know this english girl who couldn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate quite pronounce my name, so she decided to call me John rather because my hairdo at the time looked a bite like Johnny Cash ’ second. As for TODS, it ’ sulfur basically my mention Tod with an extra ‘ south ’ for a bit of thrive ( laughs ). Putting it all together and we ’ ve got the ‘ JOHN TODS ’ that I ’ thousand known for today. ”

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Photography is happiness

“ I ’ ve always loved looking at photos and taking them since I was a child, but I didn ’ triiodothyronine go to school for it. once I graduated, I applied for a PR position at BOYY. Back then, the team was very little and I had the casual to be part of every process that went into brand build and stigmatize ’ second promotion. I became influenced by Boyy ’ south founder and couturier Jesse Dorsey and Wannasiri “ Boy ” Kongman, and inspired to pursue fashion photography. It ’ s an art shape that requires enough of cognition and expertness in plan, communication, and psychology. I get very felicitous when my exploit comes out great. That ’ sulfur why I was inspired to become a fashion photographer. ”

BOYY is where it all started

“ For me, BOYY is where everything began. Working with BOYY has turned person who wasn ’ t all that interest in fashion like me into a fashion fan. I had to ask my parents to buy me a camera and a laptop because I very wanted to make a career out of it. Boy saw that I was keen on getting started, so she asked me to shoot some sweatsuits and bags at her place. The shoot was for the brand ’ mho IG and it was very DIY. That was my first proper photograph gig. ”

The campaign he’s most proud of

“ After my inaugural shoot, I was given opportunities to do more shoots for the mark, from the shop sign at Gaysorn to BOYY Spring-Summer 2019 solicitation. I ’ m most proud of the latter because it was my idea to do a gradient skiing theme. We flew to Italy during winter for the shoot. There were six of us altogether : Boy, Jesse, two other colleagues, and myself who was the only photographer. The shoot had so much affect and was the talk of the town. I was indeed proud of myself. It was truly a dream come true. ”

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Way of working

“ Before I agree to a job from a client, I would first ask them about the concept. What does the collection want to communicate ? then, I would take a look at the clothes, do promote research, and gather some ideas, which normally is a 50/50 kind of deal. I truly focus on teamwork because I believe that teamwork leads to success. I normally develop ideas aboard stylists, makeup and hair artists, and clients to make sure we deliver the best work we possibly could. ”

Through black and white lens

“ Personally, I ’ m a fan of black and white photography. I like how classic it looks and how it captures the perfume and portrays the character of each person. That ’ s how special I perceive black and white images. ”

In his photograph, Tod pays near care to models ’ eyes because he believes that a person ’ s eyes can effectively convey a message to the audience. Before shoot, he would have a chat with the model first to break the ice and to make certain that their true personality shines through. When the consequence is right, he clicks the television camera .

“ Photography is communicating through eyes, gestures, and torso speech. The photographer and the model have to trust each other and stay connected then that the audience can feel it. ”

Content creation by JOHN TODS

“ I love helping out friends. During the pandemic, I got to help a acquaintance of mine who wanted to launch an on-line commercial enterprise selling biryani called Bung_isss. I helped come up with a few ideas for promo television. I had my friend dressed up in a overawe costume, dancing to the ‘ Where ’ s the buffalo ? ’ song to promote his shop ’ second beef soup. It went super viral because people loved that kind of drollery. We do it for the playfulness of it, not so much for the money. ”

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Decorlour: tangible art

“ Apart from photography and video message, I besides run a brand of handcraft multi-functional resin sculpture called decorlour with my friends. I wanted to create home interior decoration that could besides be an artwork. I love artwork pieces, but they ’ re much far excessively expensive. I wanted to create art objects that are both low-cost and durable. We ’ ll be rolling out more collections in the dear future, therefore gain certain to keep an eye out. ”

Keep on moving with passion

“ My life is driven by my rage and the endeavor for self-improvement. I ’ thousand not a speaker, I ’ m a actor and I like to put my back into the task at hand. It ’ s fun to be able to follow your passions, particularly in this day and old age. I hope that my history will inspire others. Thanks for the support and please check out my works ! ”

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