More and more people are leaning towards Muji-themed interiors when it comes to renovating their ambition house. The theme of Muji oozes an elegant and clear aesthetic. A malaysian couple has recently shared with us how they renovated their 711 sq foot Muji-inspired home. If you ’ ra looking for home inspo, stick around as we ’ re about to reveal the renovation budget, tips, and truly aesthetic photograph !

Malaysian Couple Transformed 711sq ft Condo Into Muji-Inspired Home:

The owner of this aesthetic crib, Vannies recently revealed the transformation of her 711 sq foot condominium in Kuala Lumpur. From designing the floor plan to colours, texture and furniture equal, the accountant-turned-interior-designer was the genius behind this Muji-inspired home .

You know the idea of entering your own house and can ’ thymine serve but to fall in love with it each day ? That ’ s the impression when the pictures of the ambition house in your judgment turn into reality. For Vannies, she has always loved wooden textures and bright-airy Muji styles.

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The whole renovation serve took less than 2 months to complete, which is surprisingly debauched. here ’ s the big unwrap, the entire budget rounds up to only RM50k, including furniture .
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You may notice that for a 711 sq foot house, the distance looks bright and functional. Besides the ample natural sunlight that the unit is blessed with, furniture are intentionally placed to create efficient space. Take the living room as example, one recess is divided using a shelf cabinet for memory and to create a little work outer space .

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Tips On Muji-Themed Design:

The crucial element of a Muji-themed design besides minimalism is the color tone. To achieve that Zen-living ambiance, earth-toned floorings are necessity as they take up about 60 % of the quad. here ’ s a peak : Vannies spent about RM3000 on her hardwood shock without demolishing the original floor tiles. She used SPC vinyl suction stop shock which is glue-free and besides easily to remove for future renovations .
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once the discolor shade is set, the lie is on furniture and interior decoration. The good thing about Muji concept is that you get more flexibility when shopping for furniture. Keep minimalism in thinker and you ’ re all hardening .

Thank you Vannies for sharing with us your beautiful and cozy space ! Don ’ t forget to follow us for more home design and inspiration !
Photo & Source Courtesy of : Vannies Goh ( Instagram )

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