Lab Series Skincare Review

About Lab Series Skincare for Men

Lab Series is a radical skincare company that makes a wide range of products exclusively for men .
What makes them strange is that they don ’ t try to impose a certain life style, search, or philosophy on their customers ; alternatively of going for neutral, inclusive stigmatize to let men shape their own image .
Lab Series for men was featured in Esquire and New York Magazine, fostering a community of 33K followers on Instagram and 150K more on Facebook with many men posting their skin care journeys and glad results .
This Lab Series Skincare review will cover how truthful the company is to its mission, what customers think of their bestsellers, price, and much more. Keep reading to determine whether their products are worth purchasing.

Overview of Lab Series

Lab Series Skincare for Men was founded by The Estée Lauder Companies, which, itself, was founded in the 1940s by american pair Estée and Joseph Lauder .
As a separate of the Aramis and Designer Fragrances division, Lab Series has focused on skin care products specifically for men ’ randomness needs since 1987 and is now being distributed in 30 countries worldwide .
The words anti-aging and complexion are normally tailored towards women ’ south skin care needs, but many men besides need to take care of these issues arsenic well .
But, Lab Series Skincare has tailored the skin care action for the modern man by creating all-in-one skincare products or full routines. The mark prides itself on having 2 ways to approach male skin care, Pro LS and Max LS :

  • Pro LS skincare provides fast, effective products that function as all-in-ones for everyday skincare
  • Max LS is a rich, advanced system that helps to reduce the signs of aging

Under these categories, are even more collections that help you target the skin care needs you are looking to accomplish. Whether you are looking for serve paring, cleansing, or anti-aging, here are some of the collections to choose from :

  • Clean
  • Shave
  • Moisturize
  • SPF/Suncare
  • Serums
  • Water Lotion
  • Eye & Lip
  • Travel Sizes

With extreme focus and a team of skincare experts, their extensive lineup of products tackles skincare from all angles with a deputation to enable the chosen lifestyles of men around the world .


  • A variety of men’s skincare products including cleansers, creams, serums, and more
  • 2 types of skincare used to treat different skincare concerns
  • The brand is solely dedicated to men’s skin care needs
  • Products are available in 30 countries
  • Lab Series is a division within a well-established beauty company
  • Orders between $35-$1000 can be paid in 4 installments with Afterpay
  • Subscription model for regular deliveries
  • Customers can choose how often they want products delivered
  • 15% discount on account sign up
  • Free standard shipping in US orders
  • Free returns


  • Limit on orders placed at a time
  • Only ships within the US
  • Higher-end pricing (for men’s products)

Lab Series Skincare for Men Review

Men have skin care needs, besides. With many brands systematically producing skin care that doesn ’ t take razor burn or anti-aging into consideration, this brand breaks the mold on traditional products for a man ’ second needs .
When you ’ re ready, keep reading for a breakdown of Lab Series ’ 9 best-selling skin care items. We ’ ll go over formulas, pricing, and why customers give them rave reviews for their skin care to determine if these products could be your adjacent facial routine upgrade .
Be advised that the brand offers Afterpay, which allows you to pay for your products in 4 installments over time .

Lab Series Age Rescue Water-Charged Gel Cream Review

The Age Rescue Water-Charged Gel Cream is democratic for one simple reason : Its Ginseng-infused rule smooths out those tire signs of aging that we ’ re all trying to avoid .
“ HYDRA BURST COMPLEX ” sounds like a supervillain plat from a Marvel movie, but don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate be fooled. This low-key cream gives men the repair and hydration power they need to maintain a youthful appearance .
Apply earlier bed to let the intersection intoxicate into the skin overnight, or apply in the dawn before your moisturizer. Lab Series ’ Age Rescue Water-Charged Gel Cream comes in 1.7oz at $55 .

Lab Series Solid Water Essence Review

One spatter of this Lab Series face wash gives your skin a promote of moisture. The Solid Water Essence is meant to remove dirt and dirty from the skin without leaving that tight, dry effect .
Caffeine and Ginseng besides get rid of that exhausted look, which is always a tattletale sign of an nightlong, while besides leaving your skin buffet and soft to the touch .
At the same clock, antioxidants and bamboo-infused urine cleanse and promote the development of youthful-looking skin .
Lab Series recommends using Solid Water Essence anytime, but it ’ sulfur good applied before using one of their serums or moisturizers. You can buy it in 5oz for $54 .

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Lab Series Cooling Shave Cream Review

The Lab Series Cooling Shave Cream protects, invigorates, and cools all in one. A smooth concentration of cream preps your bark for the grazing razor, rinses well, and leaves you without irritation .
Apply this directly after you shave and pair it with a light moisturizer to avoid ingrowing hairs, burn, and that annoying inflamed feel .
Its effective rule is compatible with sensitive skin, and made for men of all ages. This cult-favorite Lab Series shave cream costs $28 for 6.7oz .

Lab Series Urban Blue Detox Clay Mask Review

Okay, guy, this one is a little bit out there. You may have seen your girlfriend manipulation this thing and temporarily transform into a painted, grey graverobber. You may have even tried it yourself .
It ’ randomness annoying and gross-feeling, yes, but it gives you a beautiful front, and who doesn ’ metric ton want that ?
You guessed it, we ’ rhenium talking about a confront mask ( or clay mask, technically speaking ). It contains charming elements such as Charcoal, Leaf Extracts, and Clays .
Use it to detoxify and purify your skin, getting rid of bright vegetable oil buildups, dead hide, and crap clogging your pores so that all you have left is clearly soft skin. Customers say it besides leaves a “ minty ace ” if that ’ s your thing .
This Lab Series follow-up is highly leery. The Urban Blue Detox Clay Mask may or may not turn you into a apparitional demon. Purchase a 3.4oz bottle at your own gamble for $34, the choice is yours .

Lab Series MAX LS Power V Lifting Lotion Review

The Lab Series MAX LS Lotion might feel lightweight, but it ’ s a heavy-hitter. This 5-in-1 extend immediately hydrates, smooths out deep wrinkles, promotes natural collagen production, tones, and gives a lifted, sculptural look to the grimace .
honestly, this Lab Series review wishes there was more information on the “ LS Power V Technology ” that drives the MAX LS Lotion. What we do know is that the sword recommends using it every good morning and/or night, ideally after a cleansing agent and serum .
As stated before, the MAX LS skin care from Lab Series is meant to help with signs of aging, so you can rely on it to moisturize, clarify, and improve complexion. You can buy the Max LS Lotion for $88 ( 1.7oz ) .

Lab Series MAX LS Power V Lifting Serum Review

The MAX LS Power V Lifting Serum adds another level to your anti-aging regimen. Its time-release ingredients infuse your pores with a mix of hydration, without leaving any greasy residues .
The serum promotes all-around healthy and radiant skin after only a few uses by settling deep into the pores for a sparkle, fresh expect. One customer said they had never used a serum before, but this one was “ well worth the extra 10 seconds in the good morning. ”
The MAX LS Power V Lifting Serum is available in 1oz for $81 .

Lab Series PRO LS All-In-One Hydrating Gel Review

This Lab Series was surprised to find the PRO LS Hydrating Gel rated much lower than early products. On inspection, however, the badly reviews of the Lab Series web site are because this product apparently replaced another one that is greatly missed .
One happy customer reported that they “ like the cool feel when applying it. ” The overall customer reaction is heavily to assess due to many reviews complaining that their darling merchandise was discontinued .
That aside, the PRO LS Hydrating Gel is designed as an ultra-lightweight moisturizer that cools, refreshes, and soothes immediately on application. Lab Series notes that it does not leave behind any reflect, alternatively, it absorbs oils and balances your skin to reduce acne flare-ups .
Apply the PRO LS Hydrating Gel to the front and neck after cleansing, dawn and nox. You can buy it in a 2.5oz bottle for $34 .

Lab Series PRO LS All-In-One Face Treatment Review

The Lab Series Pro LS All-In-One Face Treatment is a ball-shaped best seller that delivers four peel benefits in one formula. The overall effect is calm, replenished, and fortified bark .
It fights lines and wrinkles over a 4-week period and slows down the aging experience, and, as with many Lab Series products, it uses patent iMatte technology to tackle sebum buildup .
The Pro LS All-In-One Face Treatment is one of Lab Series ’ most low-cost products, and besides a customer favorite. Present a blank appearance or $33 ( 1.7oz ) .

Lab Series PRO LS Lip Tech Lip Balm Review

The PRO LS Lip Tech Lip Balm softens and conditions those blisters with alimentary agents .
swipe on the Beeswax and Shea Butter formula for a natural stopping point, while Menthol cools and tingles your senses. It ’ s an frequently forgotten, but all-important separate of a round self-care everyday !
Carry the PRO LS Lip Tech Lip Balm in your pocket when you ’ re braving chilly winters. It rings in at $12 .

Lab Series Auto Pilot Review

Lab Series understands that men have feverish lifestyles. many men do not have the fourth dimension to systematically buy raw products to keep up with their skin care, so this trade name decided to create a subscription course of study to remember for them .
The Auto Pilot subscription can ship you your skin care products mechanically, and with a 10% discount and free shipping for every holy order .
Signing up is besides an slowly 2-step summons :

  1. Pick the products you need
  2. Choose the frequency of delivery
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That ’ s it ! once you sign up for Auto Pilot, you can besides cancel your subscription at any time and the price will vary depending upon which products you need on the casual .

Lab Series Skincare for Men Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

This Lab Series review took to the internet to see what customers were saying about the post. As it seems, many left positive feedback about their favorite products and suggested thoughtful improvements .
First up, Man ’ s Flair, an on-line cartridge holder dedicated to men ’ mho expressive style, reviewed the stigmatize after doing a trial period with the brand ’ randomness :

  • Multi-Action Face Wash
  • Smooth Shave Oil
  • Daily Moisture Defense Lotion
  • Power Protector SPF 50

Each of these being of a different Lab Series category, the reviewer turned these products into his daily skin care everyday to see if these products truly live up to their promises.

Over the course of his trial, he specifically noted that the Multi-Action Face Wash “ was my favorite of the products that I tested, ” since the product “ felt cool and invigorat [ ing ] ” and afterward his skin “ felt clean and tight. ”
Whereas the Daily Moisture Defense Lotion and Power Protector SPF 50 “ had a consistency and feel alike to suntan lotion ( without the overpowering olfactory property of coconut ) … and provide [ five hundred ] similar protection from the sun. ” So far, some bang-up results from Lab Series !
next, the Amazon page for this stigmatize is entire of positive reviews about the mark with quite a few of their products receiving a 4.5/5 star average. Let ’ s see how the brand is doing overall :

  • Power Pore Anti-shine & Treatment: 4.5/5 stars from 49 reviews
  • Cooling Shave Cream: 4.5/5 stars from 269 reviews
  • Multi-Action Face Wash: 4.5/5 stars from 153 reviews
  • Age Rescue Plus Face Lotion: 4.5/5 stars from 122 reviews
  • Max Ls Power V Lifting Serum: 4.5/5 stars from 41 reviews
  • Max Ls Daily Renewing Cleanser: 4.5/5 stars from 126 reviews

On the brand ’ s official web site, many of their bestsellers besides scored over 4/5 stars for their potency, spirit, or versatility, and one 5/5 star review ( seen among 39 others ) for the Lab Series PRO IS reads :
“ Yup, all in one treatment indeed. Left my peel felt firmer and smoother in the dawn when I wake up. I suggest applying it before bedtime. ” Good to know that effective all-in-one ’ mho do in fact sour !
Another 5-star commentator for Lab Series skin wish shared on Sephora, “ So, I bought some of the lab serial line for my boyfriend and he ended up loving it so much that he told his friend to buy it when his friend was complaining of sensitivity during shaving. It made me so gallant ! ”
But, no skin care routine is for everyone, and the stigmatize did have some veto feedback. Going back to the review from Men ’ randomness Flair, you may have noticed that there were no positive reviews for the Smooth Shave Oil .
The commentator mentioned that he “ was not terribly impressed with this intersection. I tried using it by itself and found that it left my face very oily. ”
This is not uncommon among reviewers since many are not happy with the consistency or effects of some Lab Series products, but the cause of this is because of formula changes done by the brand in submission with new skin care protocols in the US .
As one reviewer on the brand ’ s web site summarized, this change in rule altered their skin care for the worse :
“ This product has been reformulated in deep 2016. … to comply with former President Obama ’ s prohibition on the use of microbeads in products. … The product nobelium long has the celebrated farinaceous texture it was known for and … my face doesn ’ thymine look adenine refreshed as it did. “

Is Lab Series Skincare for Men Worth It?

Lab Series is run by a long-standing drawing card in the smasher diligence, and it shows. Customers across the board love their no-nonsense products and most have seen bang-up results from products they ’ ve tried .
Although some Lab Series men lab products come with a high price tag, looking at you Lab Series PRO LS, customers find them well worth the monetary value, with few criticisms. If you ’ rhenium will to spend a piece more on men ’ s skin care products, Lab Series is wholly worth it .
Plus, many have taken advantage of the Afterpay installation plans that can help you get products you want without breaking the depository financial institution all at once .
The concerns about formula changes arsenic good as distasteful effects are besides concerning, but as with any skin care trade name, this is more about your own individual peel type and preference rather than the brand being ineffective .
Before you purchase, this Lab Series skin care review recommends that you look into what ingredients oeuvre for your skin before trying a mark that may be wrong for you .
But, if you have already bought Lab Series products and they aren ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate working for you, you can contact their customer service team and ask for a pre-paid return label and a full refund .
As this Lab Series review found out, there are some beautiful things about this trade name. chiefly, they don ’ t hear to sell customers with gimmicks or the latest bandwagon. Their products are effective and no-nonsense with only essential ingredients used .
Their promotion besides looks like it was designed in the 50s, and their web site keeps it evenly childlike and organized to find the type of hide caution you are looking for .
These elements only go to show that Lab Series lets their products speak for themselves and only wants the best wish for men ’ randomness skin. For these reasons entirely, Lab Series is decidedly worth the buy .

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Lab Series Promotions & Discounts

It didn ’ t take retentive for this Lab Series inspection to find discounts : right off the squash racket, signing up for their mailing list will get you an easy 15% off your first order .
If that ordering comes to more than $85, then you get to be separate of the company ’ mho Spring Deal and receive a free 9-piece set .
here ’ s what the 9-piece Spring Set comes with :

  1. Lab Series Dopp Kit
  2. MultiAction Face Wash, 30ml
  3. Cooling Shave Cream, 30ml
  4. Rescue Water Gel Cleanser, 7ml
  5. Future Rescue Repair Serum, 7ml
  6. Rescue Water Lotion, 6ml
  7. Age Rescue Face Lotion, 7ml
  8. Pro LS All-In-One Face Treatment, 7ml
  9. Rescue Water Emulsion, 7ml

additionally, Lab Series wants to know your birthday, so they can give you $15 off $75+ orders during your birthday month .
Don ’ triiodothyronine miss the 10% off on orders placed through Lab Series Auto Pilot. note that it is only available to US residents at this time .
To sweeten the pot even more, every order comes with free samples .

Where to Buy Lab Series

Lab Series is available for purchase via ( US alone ). They besides have some retail skin care partners in the US and Canada, such as :

  • Sephora
  • Amazon
  • Walmart
  • Shoppers Drug Mart
  • Hudson’s Bay
  • Nordstrom
  • Macy’s
  • Bloomingdales

If you ’ re more of a walkabout person, check out the Lab Series Store Locator for nearby retail stores .


Who makes Lab Series?

The stigmatize ’ sulfur web site is cryptically lacking information on their output process .
This Lab Series review supposes such data is alone provided to the corporate insiders connected to The Estée Lauder Companies Inc. ( the beauty colossus that owns Lab Series, as previously mentioned in this review ) .

How do you use Lab Series?

On your clamber, of path. specifically, I wouldn ’ thymine commend using the Lab Series Electric Shave Solution on your lips, but to each their own .
But their creams, serums, and masks are fairly aboveboard as labeled on the sword ’ s web site .
If you ’ re confused by any of the products, navigate to “ Product Usage ” adjacent to the descriptions on the product pages. From there, just follow the instructions .

Is Lab Series natural?

This Lab Series recapitulation was ineffective to find evidence that their products are all-natural. Their web site does not address this view or systematically lists product ingredients .

What is Lab Series’ Shipping Policy?

presently, Lab Series only ships to the US and its territories ( excluding Palau ). Priority shipping orders are dear placed before 3PM eastern time, so that they are processed on the lapp sidereal day .
Shipping fees depend on your check full. here is a breakdown of the prices and expected delivery times :

  • Standard: Free (2–5 business days)
  • 2nd Day: $10–$15 (2 business days)* 
  • Overnight: $15–$20 (1 business day)* 

*The brand notes, “ Orders destined for US Territories, P.O. Boxes or APO/FPO/DPO locations are not eligible for Overnight or 2nd Day Service ” .

What is Lab Series’ Return Policy?

If that Lab Series water lotion international relations and security network ’ thyroxine working out for you, the first thing to do is call them at 1-866-316-4819 or send an electronic mail to [ electronic mail protected ] This will start the summons of getting you a free return label, a well as determining whether you want a standard refund or want to make an rally .
Follow these elementary steps for a return on Lab Series for men products :

  1. Print the return label provided by Lab Series customer support
  2. Carefully pack the items you want to return into a box
  3. Seal the box with the prepaid label attached on the outside
  4. Go to a UPS store or request a UPS pickup to ship your return back to Lab Series

If your product arrived damaged, prepare your order number, e-mail address, and phone number, then email [ electronic mail protected ] equally soon as possible .

How to Contact Lab Series

Have a motion beyond this Lab Series review ? There are a few ways that customers can get in touch with the brand :

  • Phone: 1-866-316-4819 
  • Email: [ e-mail protected ]
  • Fill out an online Contact Form on the website 

The web site ’ s Live Chat is besides monitored weekdays 10 AM–10 PM, and weekends between 12 PM–8 PM, ET .
Phone lines are answered weekdays 8 AM–10 PM, and weekends 10 AM–8 PM ET .
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